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Jack Devonshire | CV

Personal Statement

During my time in high school I have achieved two annual progress awards by continually pushing myself in lessons, and one annual attainment award, followed by two gold awards. I have participated in both school and outside of school activities, including one year of mentoring. This involved helping pupils in year 7 and leading registration time activities.  

I have done two charity runs and have been involved in my school's chamber choir, performing with and in front of Primary school students, as well as foreign visitors. I have also gained a Grade 1 singing qualification.  I have also been in the Earls Yearbook Committee and have previously been a Student Counsellor at my school.  

I participate in numerous activities. Whilst climbing, at the Redpoint Centre, I have achieved NICAS Level 1, this recognizes that I am able to climb safely under supervision and I have also obtained my PADI Open Water Diving certificate - this allows me to go scuba diving up to depths of 18 meters under water - I have followed this up with further dives in various parts of the world. I am also a competent Skier. My time at Stagecoach, a local drama group, gave me the confidence to participate in many stage productions. I enjoy music and used to study guitar and keyboard at Pro-Music Tuition and also enjoy Photography and Videography. 

I am self-motivated, and extremely hard working. I have previously had a weekly paper round and now I am exploring new job opportunities. 

Key Skills

- I have good team working and leadership skills, both in gaining my scuba diving license and being a mentor for younger student's in school, I have had to work as a part of a team for reasons ranging from safety to the benefit of other students learning. 

- I am a flexible and can adapt to different situations, shown by me being a mentor and giving up valuable time twice a week to help others, but also shown by my wide variety of hobbies and interests. 

- Gaining two annual progress awards and one annual attainment award shows my dedication to learning new things, and also shows that I am a motivated individual. 

- Previously being in Stagecoach has allowed me to increase my communication skills when around different people. 

- I believe I have a good work ethic shown by me previously doing two different paper round jobs – I stopped doing this just before taking my GCSE Exams. 



English Literature - 5

English Language - 6 

Mathematics – 7 

Chemistry - B

Biology - A

Physics - A 

Geography – A 

Music – C 

Computer Science – A 


- 3 Years at stagecoach theatre school 

- PADI Open Water – Scuba diving license 

- Grade 1 Singing certificate 

- 2 Annual Progress awards (Boy with most progress in my class for a year) 

- 1 annual attainment award (Boy with best attainment in my class for a year) 

- 2 Gold Award's (Gained each year by doing 3 things from a range of categories,   including volunteering and sports) 

- Got an interview for head boy at my school 

- Been a mentor for year 7 students for a year 

Hobbies and Interests

When at home I love to cycle occasionally, and I also like to learn basic HTML and CSS alongside teaching myself to use different website applications for fun. I also really enjoy playing the guitar in my spare time. 

Alongside the above, I also like skiing and scuba diving, both of which are quite thrilling activities which require me to go to unique places with my family. 

Some of my favourite things to do are photography and videography, in which whenever I go on holiday or to a nice place I will take photos and sometime create a video of my experience to share with my friends. I also find aerial photography fun when I have access to my drone. 


Head of Year Comment (Mr M Smith) 

"Jack is a popular, polite and dedicated student who has made excellent progress during his time at The Earls High School. An active student, Jack has been a mentor for Y7 students, a school councillor, a tour guide for Open Evening, actor, singer, member of the Year DVD Committee and a charity fund raiser. Jack was a candidate for Head Boy, participating in a three stage interview process. He has represented his School House at football and outside school he is an experienced scuba diver and climber. He has also participated in several shows as a committed member of Stagecoach Theatre School. Jack completed a successful work experience placement as a graphics designer at Spencer Signs where he designed his own logo. I am confident that Jack will do very well on his chosen pathway and I wish him every success for the future."  

Punctuality – Good

Attitude to learning – Good

Contribution to the school – Good  

Ability to work as a member of a team - Good

High School Website  

"Other students who have made particularly pleasing progress during their time at The Earls and deserve particular mention include ...Jack Devonshire..." 

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