Well its time I made use of this blog. I will aim to post articles regarding topics I am interested in. Here is a list of topics to come!

Discussion Topics

  • Data driven ads aren’t really that bad
    • A discussion of why adverts and data collection may not be as bad as the media portrays it. Whilst a controversial topic, I will discuss both sides of the argument.
  • Companies should to control content on their platforms
    • A post explaining why I believe that services such as Google should be able to advertise their products over others on their platform – e.g Google should be allowed to rank their phones over others in search results, as they own the search engine.


  • Setting up a basic website – cPanel
  • Cloning RFID Cards
    • Mifare Classic 1k
    • Mifare Classic 1k Hardened
    • 125Khz Cards
  • Setting up an Arma 3 Server – Windows
  • Setting up OpenVPN Server – Linux
  • Raspberry Pi Router – Raspbian
  • DIY Lovebox
  • Github Basics


  • Arma 3 Admin Panel / API
  • Arma 3 Server Development
  • AI Discord Bot
  • Instagram Marketing

Please comment any ideas for future topics below. Alternatively, ask me a question on Quora. If it is interesting enough, I will discuss it on this site. I have seen quite a few comment requests posting links to external sites, I am more than willing to collaborate on ideas and discussion topics, and also accept the need for an outside opinion, but please do not post dodgy links in the comments for your own personal gain – they will be rejected.