Arma 3 Scripts

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A collection of Arma 3 scripts I have created for the AsYetUntitled AltisLife gamemode.


[Required for all scripts] DEVO Base

[Nearly Completed] Dispute System – A simple way to allow players to report others, call people to Teamspeak, and let admins see player disputes.

[Completed, Installation guide in review] Warpoints – A framework for a new currency ‘Warpoints’. Players gain and lose warpoints based on the following:

  • Weapons they killed/where killed within
  • Distance player killed/was killed at

[Not Started] EasyDB


Everything in this repository was created by myself, unless stated in the specific file.

Credits to developers of the following requirements:

  • Arma 3
  • Altis Life Gamemode (AsYetUntitled Repository)

Rights to use

You are free to:

  1. Use and edit all files within this repository
  2. Use any scripts within this on a private or public Arma 3 server

However you must not:

  1. Delete “Copyright © Jackdevo –” from any file header, even after modifying the file
  2. Claim any of these scripts as your own