Text-Based Route Planner

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A simple Python application that utilizes TransportAPI to provide text-based navigation


As of testing on 12/12/2020 this program no longer works. I assume this is due to a TransportAPI update since the initial writing of the program. I may update it in the future, but for now, the code serves its purpose as a portfolio piece.


Route Planner takes 2 arguments, the current address, and the target address. e.g >> routePlanner.py “My House A12 3BC” “My Other House C32 1BC”


This project was one of the first things I created when I learned about API’s (aka a long time ago), so its limitations are pretty endless…

  1. Doesn’t work on mobile as its a python script
  2. Doesn’t interact with any hardware based GPS module to get the current location
  3. Text-Based = Incredibly Dangerous
  4. No UI at all
  5. And So On…


Everyting in this script was created by myself.

Credits to developers of the following requirements:

  • TransportAPI
  • geopy