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I am Jack Devonshire.


More About Me

I am currently a Computer Science student at The University of Liverpool, and have made this site as a portfolio and CV for any jobs or placements I apply for in the future.

What I want!

Although I am in my first year of studies at Liverpool, I am actively looking for companies that I may be able to do a placement with in 2 years time. I hope you can use the examples of my skills, education and project portfolio on this site, to see if I am right for your company.

If you have been informed about the development work I do - and have found this site as a result - I am currently looking for small development opportunities to build up my Github portfolio. I will do most work for free, including medium sized projects, however if I feel like a project will require lots of work, I may ask for some compensation for my time working with you. I will not accept large project work for any amount of payment, this is because I am strongly devoted to my studies aswell as maintaining a social life.

My Skills.

  • 90%
  • 85%
    Python Flask
  • 80%
    Google Script / JS
  • 50%
    HTML5 / CSS
  • 40%
  • 70%
    Google Cloud

My Education.

2012 - 2017

Earls High School

Subject Grade
Mathematics 7
English Lit 6
English Lang 5
Geography A
Computer Science A
Biology A
Physics A
Chemistry B
Music C

2017 - 2019

King Edward VI College

A Levels
Subject Grade
Mathematics C
Computer Science B
Business B

2019 - Present

Online Courses

Google Digital Garage
Subject Certificate
Digital Marketing View Here

2019 - Present

University of Liverpool

Current Modules
Module Completed?
C105 Programming Language Paradigms No
C107 Designing Systems for the Digital Society No
C109 Foundations of Computer Science No
C111 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence No


See My Latest Projects.

I have done a variety of projects in the past, either for fun, productivity or for money, they are all listed below.

Phillips Hue Controller

Python Development

This is the first program I created that used API's in Python. The purpose of this basic system was to control lights connected to a Philips Hue bridge. The code utilized the Philips Hue developer API alongside the Phue Python package, to enable users to control singular lights or groups of light. The program could also automatically update and find new lights that were added to a Hue Bridge network.

Basic Route Planner

Python Development

Whilst experimenting with API's as a beginner Python developer, I decided to utilize the TransportAPI service to create a simple route planner in Python. Upon inputting your current destination and a target destination, this program would provide a list of suggested routes, with steps for each route.

Stock Management System

Python Development

A program developed for my A Level Computer Science NEA, this project is a fully featured, command line based, stock management system. It has many features such as a secure login system with Authy 2FA, as well as a completely integrated stock and order management system. It also features a multi-layer permission system.

Arma 3 Server Development

Arma Scripting

In 2018 myself and a few friends embarked on a project to create an Arma 3 Roleplay Community. With no initial Arma 3 scripting experience and many unfamiliar practices required to develop and host Arma servers, a lot of work was required to create such a server. Building upon the Tonic Arma 3 Life framework for Arma servers, myself and some friends developed a 50 player Arma 3 Community with many unique, custom coded features.

Arma Whitelisting System

Python Development

Linking to my Arma 3 Server project, this program was developed to whitelist people on our servers. On many Arma 3 servers, playing as different roles such as Medics, Police and Rebels, required you to be whitelisted via a database. This program utilized multiple API's, to enable the community management team to simply select a person on a Google sheet, triggering the program which would then automatically add the selected individual to the games MySQL Database, as well as assigning them teamspeak tags and specific whitelisting on an Invision Power Suite forum. This program used the following API's: Google Sheets, Teamspeak ServerQuery, Invision Power Suite.

Arma 3 Admin Panel

Python Flask Development

Again linking to Arma 3, this is a Python Flask admin panel that I have created, and intend on developing further in the future. There are many Arma 3 Admin Panels that are open source on Github, however, I have noticed a clear lack of Python based panels. Whilst a few Arma Communities have dedicated web developers, I intend to release this panel later in 2019/2020 on Github, where communities with basic Python knowledge will be able to hopefully host their own admin panel with a few clicks - and some help from me if needed.

SinusBot Panel

Python Flask Development

SinusBot is software enabling people to run teamspeak music bot clients. Included in the stock SinusBot panel are features that enable people to give specific group permissions, however, by default this can only by clicking a button on a web panel. The website I developed, allowed people meeting specific criteria to be able to control a SinusBot instance (rather than them having to be manually be given permissions). An example of this program's usage, was when I used it alongside the steam API, whereby individuals would log in to the panel (using Steam), the software would then check that the individuals steam ID had connected to a specific Arma server, and if this was the case, the person would be allowed to control the SinusBot. However, this is just one very simple use case.

Online Web Store

Python Flask Development

Most of the projects listed here have been done for fun, and whilst this project has been very fun to produce (and continue to develop) it has been created for a client. Through the use of Python Flask as well as the PayPal API, I have created a web store for someone who drop ship products. This website has many features, including the ability to feature specific products, flag products as new, and also stock management features (when someone orders, stock quantity is reduced). Soon I am going to integrate the Royal Mail Tracking API to enable customers to track their parcels. When completed, this website will be live at (Note, I have no affiliation with this website, and have simply developed it as per the customers' standards).

Customisable Discord Bot


Much like the Arma Admin Panel I created, I have noticed that there are many discord bot creation software, as well as some Discord bot python packages (one of which I have utilized in this project), however there are very little discord bots that allow less experienced Python developers to play around with. Once fully developed and released, this will be an easy to host Python Discord Bot, allowing someone less experienced Python developers to create and code their own commands for a customisable Discord bot, as well as play around with a fully integrated permissions system.

Google Sheets Manager

Google Script / Javascript

I have created lots of Google Script code for many different Arma communities, however, after leaving these communities, I no longer have access to the code I have produced for them. One community I recently worked with however, allows me to maintain access to their Google Documents, for maintenance purposes. The XYZ Garrys Mod community has many Google Documents, and whilst they want to enable some people to alter data in their main Google Sheets database, they did not necessarily want to give full document access to people. The solution to this issue, was me making a script that enabled people to submit a Google Form alongside an authorization code, for specific actions to be done in the Google Database. The script I created enables people with an authorization code to: Add/Edit/Remove Members in the database as well as Promote and Demote people in different ranks, all of which would be logged on a master Google Sheet.

Instagram Manager

Digital Marketing

Alongside coding projects, I have also tried to make money out of buying, selling and managing Instagram accounts. There are many online forums where Instagram accounts are traded, and using these sites I have been able to buy Instagram accounts, grow their following and then sell them at a higher price. In the past I have grown accounts from 14k to 20k followers in the space of a few months. The last account I managed was @pocket.petz however I gave this back to a client on the 26th Sep 2019.

Want a developer?

I am actively looking to improve upon my development skills. I look for projects that push me out of my comfort zone. Every new project, helps me to learn, As such, I provide most services for free.


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I am located in Liverpool during term time.