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  • Date: July 5, 2024
  • Categories: Fun


As of writing this I’ve been going through a phase of playing Kerbal Space Program and Microsoft Flight Simulator a bit too much, and I stumbled across a subreddit for homemade cockpit designs – which all looked incredible.

I couldn’t afford a homemade cockpit, that is crazy, but I looked around and stumbled across a website to buy custom made KSP controllers, but at nearly $100 for the case alone, I decided I may as-well just try and make my own for a fun project. Sure I could also buy an Elgato Stream Deck, but they aren’t very serious looking right?

Build Your Own

I’m a complete beginner to electronics projects like this, never doing anything like it before, I decided to document the whole process from my perspective in-case any ordinary person wants to try and follow along.

The whole process is document on the Github Wiki page.