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I am Jack Devonshire.


More About Me

Hey, I am Jack! I have just finished A Levels and have decided to make this site, as a CV for any future jobs I may want to apply for.

What I want!

If I have given you a link to this website in person, it means that I want you to employ me - of course - unfortunately I did not have my CV on me at the time. You can download it below!

If you have stumbled across this site, I am currently looking for small development opportunities to build up my Github portfolio. If you want some advice with a programming language listed to the right, I will be more than happy to help for free. However if you're looking for me to help you with a larger project, contact me for a quote.

My Skills.

  • 90%
  • 75%
    Python Flask
  • 80%
    Google Script / JS
  • 50%
  • 65%
    Google Cloud

My Education.

2012 - 2017

Earls High School

Subject Grade
Mathematics 7
English Lit 6
English Lang 5
Geography A
Computer Science A
Biology A
Physics A
Chemistry B
Music C

2017 - 2019

King Edward VI College

A Levels
Subject Grade
Mathematics Predicted: B
Computer Science Predicted: A
Business Predicted: A

2019 - Present

Google Certificates

Online Courses
Subject Certificate
Digital Marketing View Here


Here is some work I have done

I have done a variety of projects in the past, either for fun, productivity or for money, they are all listed below.

SurgeServer Reseller

In 2018 I created and managed a web reseller website, I closed it down due to not having time to manage it whilst in college, however it had a few loyal customers. This project involved creating a website to attract customers, setting up a domain for the website, and also setting up a WHMCS customer management panel. It also involved use of the WHM server control panel, to help link and automate customer transactions - automatically creating cPanel accounts and web hosting assets for people when they purchased a product.

Arma 3 Admin Panel

In January 2019 I started work on a Python Flask based admin panel, it was designed to be available for all to use, and it was created with the aim that, intermediate Python programmers could easily set up and customise an admin panel for their servers. Most control panels for Arma 3 servers are either really expensive to host, or are really complicated to set up for beginners. By creating this project in Python Flask, I aimed to make server management more accessible for beginner python programmers. This project is not yet available on Github, however I aim to make it public later thsi year.

Instagram Manager

Since the beginning of 2018, I have helped to grow the following of multiple Instagram accounts. Account usernames I have helped to grow include, but are not limtied to, the following: inspirephotography, clearvacation, pocket.petz. I have managed accounts that have had around 3k to 20k followers, one of which I grew by 6k followers in 2 months. I now have sold all previously owned Instagram accounts, and soley manage pocket.petz aswell as my personal instagram.


More recently, I have been involved with a community known as PhoenixRP. This is an Arma 3 Altis Life, Roleplaying community. Currently leading their Police's recruitment team, I have been working hard on making recruitment systems to be fairer. Previously when a candidate joined the Police, they had a document created for them with pre-created trainings, however if the tempalte document containing these trainings was updated, records that had already been created would not be updated. Obviously this lead to a missmatch in recruitment critereas per candidate, to fix this, I made a google script specifically designed, to push updates to every single active candidate record, as and when the master tempalte was created. (contact me for more info, as it is quite complicated to explain.)

Want a developer?

I am actively looking to improve upon my development skills. I look for projects that push me out of my comfort zone. Every new project, helps me to learn, as such, I provide services at much cheaper rates than anyone else will. Infact, in the past few projects I have done, I have just barely broken even..On purpose! Contact me for cheap development services based upon my programming skills listed in the 'About Me' section.


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I am located in Birmingham, UK.