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Need my CV?

Use the navigation bar to the left, click CV and enter the password I provided you. If you have forgotten the password and are still interested in reading it, use the following email: cv@jackdevonshire.co.uk (Please state your name and the company you are from). If you are just generally interested in reading it, please email the email stated before, with the following information – Your Name, Your Company, Why you want to read it.


Main Hosting Site

All of my hosted services are hosted on the domain shortr.uk, however most are private and will not allow you to use them. Either way you can go and check out what they are, out of curiosity.

What is this site for?

This website is given out to people I want to have access to my CV. It is also used for my own personal ‘projects’ – Such as trying out new website software.

Contact Me:

  • CV Viewing Issues/Requests: cv@jackdevonshire.co.uk
  • General Enquiries: contact@jackdevonshire.co.uk
  • Website Issues: admin@jackdevonshire.co.uk

*Have so many emails so its easier to categorise emails*

My Current Domains:

Last Updated – 24th September 2017

Unless specifically stated, I am not actively using any of the below domains (So anything hosted on them does not represent my views/opinions and are most likely an anomaly that should be reported to admin@jackdevonshire.co.uk)





jackdevonshire.co.uk (In Use by me)




shortr.uk (In Use by me)