• Date: July 13, 2023
  • Categories: Volunteering

The code for this project is published on Github

Project Summary

COMPSOC is The University of Liverpool’s official Computer Science society, however at the time of being elected as its Vice President, it did not have a website. A Computer Science society that had yet to make it’s own online presence outside of the Universities outdated student union website?! I decided this needed changing.

Proposed Solution

Students only serve 1 year in their role as a society committee member, so I wanted to ensure that this website was easy to host and manage for future committee’s. I opted for a basic Python Flask website, which would be powered by a simple SQLite database and an API. 

I didn’t want the website to be a burden, or completely over do it, so I stuck with the premise that it should simply be a reference point for anyone looking for more information on the society. The website serves two functions, firstly it provides links to the societies social pages, and secondly it provides links to any events that are planned.

I did not want to have to log into c-panel and manually update some HTML every-time the fairly active society hosts a new event, or wants to share new information, hence the decision to use Flask, so that the website could also host an API to update general links and the links to upcoming events. To interface with this API, there would be a Google Spreadsheet containing all the required links for the site, with some google apps script code that then updates the website with these links.

The Final Solution

Thanks to Godswill Ezihe for providing a free to use frontend on Codepen.